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Solo Ninja
For Individual


/ per month
Geared for individual developers.
All core tooling
Collaboration for up to 3 users
Access to public App templates
Limited access to Copilot
Limited AI code review
Limited access to Generative UI model
Community support
Bushido Plan
For Team
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/ per month
Geared for team developers
All free features, plus
Collaboration for up to 10 users
Access to private App templates
Access to advanced Copilot
Advance AI code review
Limited access to advanced Generative UI model
Member support
Sakura Plan
For Enterprise

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Geared for enterprise developers
All Bushido features, plus
Access private templates
Request custom templates
Unlimited team collaboration
Access to multiple advance Copilot
Unlimited Advanced Code Auditing
Unlimited Advanced Generative UI Use
Enterprise support

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Solo Ninja

Bushido Plan

Sakura Plan

Jutsu Editor
Offers complete access to Jutsu Editor, a tool or platform for development, possibly in areas like coding or blockchain technology.
On-chain Deployment to NEAR
Provides the capability for fast deployment of applications or code onto the NEAR blockchain platform.
Pull Requests
Allows a specified number of pull requests per month for code contributions and project collaboration.
Sakura Plan Trial
Provides a 29-day trial access to advanced Sakura Plan features for new users, with automatic billing post-trial.
Collaboration Participants
Supports collaborative work with limits on the number of participants: up to 3 for Premium and unlimited for Enterprise.
Access to Bento
Offers access to Bento, a tool or feature within this service, with public access in Premium and private access in Enterprise.
Provides advanced assistance for development, possibly including AI-based code suggestions or project management tools.
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