SF Node

SF Node

We're delighted to feature SF Node, a cornerstone of the San Francisco tech community and a beacon for Node.js and JavaScript enthusiasts. As one of the largest community-run Node.js and JavaScript meetups in San Francisco, SF Node plays a crucial role in fostering education and collaboration among developers. They host meetups and educational workshops, providing a vibrant platform for learning and networking.

SF Node gatherings take place on the second Thursday of each month, bringing together developers for an evening of knowledge-sharing and networking. Learn more and join in on their next meetup here.

The venues for these meetups change monthly, offering a variety of settings for attendees. At each event, SF Node features 2-3 talks covering a wide range of topics related to Node.js, server-side JavaScript, npm, and the broader ecosystem, including Web3. The aim is to strike a perfect balance between beginner-friendly content and deep dives into advanced topics.

As the largest JavaScript community in San Francisco, SF Node transcends the typical meetup. It's a center for developer engagement, offering talks, networking opportunities, and a plethora of resources for developers at all levels.

Regarding the vibrant SF Node community, Jutsu Founder and CEO Zahid Islam, who is also a co-organizer and frequent speaker, shares his perspective:

"I really love SF Node. As a co-organizer and speaker, I see its huge impact on the tech community. It's more than meetings; it's where ideas grow and developers get support. The meetups inspire me with creativity and friendship in our tech world.”

Join us at SF Node to connect with fellow JavaScript enthusiasts, learn from leading experts in the field, and contribute to the vibrant tech scene in San Francisco.

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