We're excited to spotlight The Banyan Collective, a visionary group playing a pivotal role in the expansion of the NEAR ecosystem. Banyan is at the forefront of decentralizing the NEAR ecosystem through its significant contributions to open source projects. Their efforts are not just about building technology; they're about accelerating the development and adoption of the open web, making it more accessible and impactful for everyone involved.

They're actively engaging the NEAR ecosystem by hosting events across the United States, providing a platform for NEAR founders and strategic community leaders to connect, share, and grow. Through their support, Banyan accelerates strategic initiatives, nurturing their development and fostering growth within the ecosystem. By supporting open source projects and empowering leaders and founders, Banyan is helping to shape a future where technology is open, decentralized, and beneficial for all.

Discover more about The Banyan Collective and their transformative work within the NEAR ecosystem by visiting banyan.gg.

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